Slavic Elegy on Socialism

Slavic Elegy on Socialism

According to Portland State University, people coming from the Soviet Union are an oppressed minority alongside the Latino something something. The race experts call them Slavic, probably because calling them Soviet would drag too much of unwanted connotation.

The usual menu of small privileges

... ensure the workforce includes Slavic community members ...
... involve Slavic community leaders at policy and administrative tables ...
... culturally-responsive services for the Slavic community ...

is promised to those who would pledge their allegiance and join the fight against the Great White Privilege.

I've read the document. My Soviet-trained propaganda senses were not just tingling.

Seriously, it's a sickening pamphlet, serving one purpose - to incite racial conflict, put Soviets in their own intersection box, make it look like the authors are their only friends in the hostile world of Whites, then turn them into allies. Divide and conquer propaganda.

I'm appalled that the people of the Soviet Union, who were in fact composed of a hundred different ethnicities, each with a history of its own, and did indeed suffer terribly under communist regime, are reduced to a paragraph, to a %RACE_NAME% in a template document, to a notch on the victimhood scale.

That you, random Portland professors, are using suffering of millions of people as a means to your political end.

The other people you label minorities, whom you see only as a mass of certain color, race or origin, may speak for themselves, but now it's my turn. Go find victims somewhere else. I'm not just a Russian, just a Soviet, or just an anything to you. You have no right to paint everyone with the same indignifying brush. How dare you classify us ? Who are you exactly ?

From what you write, you have no idea about history, science, logic or writing good English. This may come from genuine ignorance, but most likely you simply don't care, you see us all as fleas, just like Nazi leaders saw Jews, and the target audience does not need any more convincing than that, just like they didn't back then.

And you don't appear to reflect the thick irony of hiring Soviet people to build the new socialism.

Don't ask Oregon professors about socialism, Oregon is not a socialist state. Ask the people who escaped from the Soviet Union. Ask the children of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Ask the Cambodia survivors. Ask the Cubans, you may find a few in Florida. Ask the people of Venezuela, you'll find them at your Mexican border. Ask the people of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia. Ask Eastern Germans. Then return to the land of the free, see if you still hate it so much.

Socialism is the autoimmune disease of the society, like AIDS. It cannot be completely cured, because it is rooted deeply in how people really are good and kind and care for each other. In a sense, socialism is in everyone's good soul. But there is also evil, and when the power hungry psychopaths come to manipulate it for the Greater Good they themselves are invariably pillars of, it wakes collective evil of unimaginable magnitude.

To all the people out there who listen to communist agitators and dream about saving the world, you are not the first to know how to arrange everyone's lives better, more orderly, more rationally, more inclusive. Want to rule the world by enforcing equality, redistributing wealth, and conquering economy with ideology ? Join the murderers club.

Read about Holodomor, GULAG, Khmer Rouge, Killing Fields, Cultural Revolution. It all happened within the last hundred years, always under the red flag of the Greater Good. Ended up the same every time - millions murdered, millions turned murderers, souls crushed, families destroyed, the entire nations ruined and never fully recovered.

That evil is rising again. Dare you say you don't have it in you ?

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