Boost *this*

Boost *this*

I got very sick recently. For the first time in many years, a serious illness. Also, nothing like I ever experienced before. Nose running like never before, throat aching like never before, fever violent like never before, vomiting like never before, a brief loss of smell, but no, it wasn't covid.

It was some disease number 41, or at least my sick leave says so. I've had a thisitis and thatitis in the past, but never a numbered one. Apparently, it's some other mysterious viral infection that just happens to go around. And it's not covid.

Non. Nicht. Нет. Ни в коем случае.

A couple of quick tests came negative (and not because they were developed years ago and stocked in batches of millions). PCR test came negative (and not because it is tunable by a turn of a knob to either find something or not).

In a sense, I've been vaccinated against ideological propaganda, by being a Soviet. After years of living in a "free world", this immunity wears out. But now my Soviet-trained sense of lie and bull got boosted.

As far as I'm concerned, ANYONE who has ANYTHING to do with covid, have lost all credibility. All the politicians, public officials, medical doctors or any other kind of "experts", who open with public health concerns, can go [censored] themselves. Like a good Soviet, I don't blindly trust authority.

Don't know why the people in power can't get it, it's very simple actually. Want to be trusted ? DON'T LIE.

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